Cosmic Rover- Spitting Fire

CD - 2019

Abraxas Records- Brazil

Fuzzy Cracklins Records- USA

Cosmic Rover-Brazil in Fuzz

Track : Our Tattoos

Compilation - 2019-

Fuzzy  Craklins Records- USA

Cosmic Rover- Cosmic Rover

EP- 2018

Cosmic Rover- Cosmic Session 

EP - 2019

Cosmic Rover-Play it Loud

Track : Our Tattoos

Compilation - 2019- Special Collector Edition Magzine

Classic Rock Magzine- UK

Panzer- Resistence

CD- Shinigami Records

Brasil - 2016

Panzer- Honor

CD- Shinigami Records

Brasil - 2013

Panzer- Thrashed Machine

Coliision Records

Compilation- Brasil- 2005

Panzer- UpComing Hell Vol. 8

Track- Rising

Compilation from  Hell Divine Magazine- 2012


Panzer-  Louder Day After Day 

DVD + Live CD

Shinigami Records- Brasil- 2015

Panzer- Brazilian Threat

EP- 2012

Panzer-Rock n Fucking Roll

Compilation - Cranio Wear

Tracks: Last Man on Earth


Brasil - 2014

Panzer- Rising

Single - 2012

Panzer- The Strongest

Spiral Noise Records

CD- 2001- brasil

Panzer- Inside

DEstroyer Records-

CD- Brasil- 1998

Panzer- The Loudest Tmes

Track- Night Crawler- (Judas Priest Cover)

Compilation CD  By Progressive Art Music

Canada- 2000

Panzer- Electrical Tribes -

Fat Monkey Recors

Compilation CD-  Brasil- 1996

Panzer - K7 Demo

Independent- 1994

Reviolence- Modern Beast

CD - 2010

Reviolence- King of the Night

EP- 2011

Reviolence- Violent Phoenix

EP - 2008

Reviolence- Upcoming Hell Vol. 2

Track : King of the Night

Compilation from Hell Divine Magazine



Reviolence-Brazilian Xtreme Way

Track : King of the Night

Compilation fromMetal Media Management



Reviolence-Joining Forces

Track : Violent Phoenix- European Label



Cosmic Rover-Doom and Stoned Vol 2

Track :Cosmic Rover

Compilation - 2018