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09/15/2021- Interview in Roadie Crew Magazine #264

Finally, I have issue #264 of @roadiecrewmag in hand, which features an interview with me where I talk about my 35 years of career that are completed this year. It is not often that a Heavy Metal musician in Brazil completes 3 and a half decades of uninterrupted activity and is interviewed by the largest Rock publication in Latin America. Also being compared to the likes of Dan Beehler and Gil Moore, who are also drummer and full-time vocalists, is priceless to me. Thank you @ricardo_r_batalha and @leandronogueiracoppi, for once again giving me space in the magazine to talk about my work. Thanks to bandmates @renato_haboryni and @corvoproject for helping me make Motorhammer possible.

And a special thanks to the Orion Cymbals staff @vinicius1981_ and @naths_ for believing in my work . For me Metal doesn't stop, it's just the beginning!

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