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​​​​​10/14/2020 - New interview on Roadie Crew Magazine

Finally, Roadie Crew magazine, issue 256, came out, which brings an article with me in the playlist section where I comment on some tracks from some of the albums I recorded during my 34-year career as a Heavy Metal drummer.

Among all the articles and interviews that have already been released with me, this one is without a doubt the most important to date, because I'm a few months away from completing 35 years of playing and dedicating myself to drums within the Metal scene. Behind each record there are endless hours of hard work with all these bands. Definitely this article comes to close a cycle of my career, showing a part of what I've already recorded as a drummer on records. There are the main albums recorded by me. This also opens a new cycle with new releases and projects to come. I'm very happy to have an article like this with me, because it's the dream of a "broken" kid who wanted to be a Metal drummer and that came true with a lot of effort, discipline, dedication.

Thank you João Messias Jr., Ricardo Batalha and Leandro Tbone for always opening the doors of the magazine to me. Metal never stops and I keep hitting hard. There's still a lot of wood to burn. Lets play!!!

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