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11/08/2021 - MotorHammer - My new band !!

Motorhammer was the band created in 2021 by drummer Edson Graseffi, to celebrate their 35 years of career completed in this year 2021.

The first action of the band will be to release an album that commemorates that date so marked in the long career of the drummer. "I had to celebrate these 3 and a half decades of career with a release that represented everything that lives for heavy music in all these years.

Riding the Motorhammer and recording this album was the most musical way I found to do that, After all it is not all when we met musicians with 35 years of uninterrupted career within Metal in Brazil, so I invited to form the line up, guitarist and producer Renato Haboryni, who comes from the scene of Thash Metal in São Paulo. don't hesitate to call my friend and former Panzer bassist Daniel Corvo. Corvo is one of the best and cool bass players I've ever played with and it was the right choice.

In addition to great musicians, they are great people to live with, they are great friends so we are family. "

The production of the debut album is being done by the guitarist Renato, who has his recording studio. "This album will bring songs from almost all the old bands that I played, it is a trip back in time rescuing incredible songs that were forgotten in old records and old k7 tapes. We are reformulating the arrangements and lyrics of the songs, bringing to the current moment that we are living, this is making this material incredibly current and with a foot in the classic past of the Metal scenario of SP.

In addition I intend to release along with the album a bonus material that will show photos and the story behind each song, this will turn into a format ebook, in addition to launching merchandising " Despite being a new band, the experience of the 3 members makes the process of finishing this album very fast. "In addition to this material that will be re-recorded, we intend to release some new songs composed by the trio."

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