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12/15/2021- HEAVY- Cosmic Rover's new album

We are officially releasing “HEAVY”, the new Cosmic Rover album on the Abraxas label.

To listen:

Check out the information about the album:

The São Paulo power trio Cosmic Rover, currently formed by Edson Graseffi (vocals and drums, Motorhammer and ex-Panzer), Xande Saraiva (guitar, Baranga) and Rodrigo Felix (bass), presents "HEAVY", successor to their debut album, " Spitting Fire" (2019). Produced by the experienced Henrique Baboom Canale, "HEAVY", which is available on all streaming platforms by the Abraxas label, features seven tracks recorded in the old fashioned way.

"The recording was done in the same way as our previous releases, with the capture done live and everyone playing together in the same room, as it was done in the 1970s. , the result is great and will please anyone who enjoys heavy metal, stoner, southern and hard 70's". "We don't use a metronome and the album has as few edits as possible to keep the organic characteristics and have a more vintage sound that approaches the old heavy rock albums. In the recording process, only vocals and solos were overdubbed. The rest what you hear is really the band playing together, without cuts and studio edits", evaluates Edson Graseffi.

About the sound of "HEAVY":

"The secret is the freedom of composition, without thinking about styles or rules to be followed. In fact, we just do what we enjoy doing the most, which is playing heavy rock! The influences of the songs in the repertoire run through bands from the 70's, 80's and 90's, that is, everything we heard and where our musical baggage came from".

The lyrical part, in charge of Graseffi, presents more urban themes, talking about cars and nightclubs. "In addition, there are more introspective lyrics with a positive vibe. The track 'Just Let Me Free', which closes the repertoire, features Xande singing in Portuguese in an excerpt",

The cover art for "HEAVY" was produced by Graseffi who, in addition to being a musician, is also an illustrator and tattoo artist. "It was conceived using digital art based on references from Kustom Kulture artists from the 70s," explains the vocalist and drummer.

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